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Please use the quote buttons to the left to obtain the most requested products we have to offer. As well as the specialty insurance request button on the bottom to allow you to request quotes on the numerous other products we have not outlined. We will be pleased to give you the most competitive quote possible on all your business.

As Risk Management Specialists we have to advise you that a competitive quote is only part of the solution. Proper risk management strategies can work to save you even more money than the lowest quote could ever provide.


One strategy that we use to assist our clients is the Smith Maneuver which is used to convert non-deductible interest on your mortgage to deductible interest payments.

This maneuver coupled with a non-traditional style mortgage such as the ManulifeOne account can immensely improve your financial situation.

Do you have enough insurance and is it the right type? Check it out with our InsureRight online calculator.

We invite you to click on these logos to research these strategies or contact us and one of our advisors would be pleased to review these or other Risk Management Strategies with you.

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